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"Tree of Life" 
- by Iris Michael
My intention is to offer and continue to develop enjoyable and practical workshops that help bring us into conscious connection with the sacred.  This knowledge is our birthright as Divine beings. 

Ancient Healing for Modern Times
Refund & Cancellation Policy

 Shamanic Self-Healing and Spirituality for Everyday Life

Within you is the knowledge of who you truly are. 

In this fast-paced, modern world, many of us have forgotten this truth.  Let this enjoyable and practical workshop bring you into conscious connection with the sacred: the Earth under your feet, the stones on the beach, your heart that beats within.  Shamanic experience and healing knowledge are for everyone regardless of ethnic background, gender or age.  When we learn to see in the shamanic way, we remember who we truly are; we remember that we are interconnected and related, and we see the love and beauty around and within us.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • create sacred space as a foundation for healing
  • develop awareness of subtle energies within yourself and in nature (mountains, plants, stones, animals, heaven and earth) 
  • work with ancient healing techniques to clear, balance and transform your soul, body and mind
  • call on your Guardian Angels and the Archangels for healing
  • reconnect to your inner power and wisdom through guided shamanic journeying
  • participate in a gratitude ceremony
For more information contact:  Iris
Words of praise for the facilitator, Iris Michael:
"I greatly enjoyed your workshop...You have a freshness and innocence in your presentation that is unique."

"You have a very pleasant presence to do a workshop with - the warmth of your energy put me very much at ease, and you have a very honest presence."

"Your teaching style is very good."

"Iris is a well informed, compassionate and joyful healer.  I'm glad to have her for the workshop."

"I really enjoyed it and I like your easy way."

"Really enjoyed it.  I sense you are a 'Sacred Clown'."

What participants liked best about "Ancient Healing for Modern Times":
"I felt that I gained more knowledge about myself and my healing process. 

"Joy and enthusiasm of the teacher - a gentle, loving soul."

"The opening and closing prayers, the thankfulness bundles."

"The energy!  All of it!"

"Rituals, gift making, knowledge of instructor, and space created."

"Remembering that we are all connected and I can receive help from not only people, but also plants, rocks, animals.  That it is simple to create healing, it's not always complex."

"Connecting with my favourite mountain."

"The meditation and using the rainbow to light chakras."

"I particularly learned to use the stone for auric cleansing, including connecting to the mountain."

"I really enjoyed it all."

If you cancel 3 weeks or more before the workshop, 100% of course fee will be refunded.
If you cancel less than 3 weeks before the course begins, the course fee minus an administration fee will be refunded.
The course fee is non-refundable once the class has begun.
In the event that a course is cancelled by the facilitator, 100% of course payment will be refunded.
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