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I offer gentle and transformative shamanic healing sessions to clients who wish to make ongoing positive changes in their lives. These sessions promote well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Shamanic healing is based on the knowledge that all of creation is interconnected, alive and sacred.  It is a powerful ancient way of consciously connecting and communicating with one's inner power and soul, with nature and divine Love.  From a shamanic perspective, illness, discomfort and dis-ease are viewed as the direct result of imbalance in one's life.  Shamanic healing brings back the balance by releasing the energies that aren't serving you and by calling back the energies you need to feel whole again. 

Clients make positive shifts during healing sessions because they are guided to access the powerful healer within and because we are supported by the Divine power of Love.  Spiritual traditions from around the world have different names for the power of Love: Great Spirit, God, Goddess, Universe, Creator, etc., but no matter what we call it, Love is available for us to contact and connect with at any time.  In truth, we are never really separate from Love at all, and shamanic healing helps us to remember this.  Above all else, it is Love that heals.  (For more information on shamanism, here is a short article I wrote: "What is Shamanism".)

Over the years, I have successfully assisted clients to return to a state of wholeness, harmony and balance.  Please read some testimonials.  My expertise is in assisting clients to release and heal: 
chronic pain
unproductive patterns
and others

Crisis Intervention:  If you require immediate crisis intervention services, please contact your local crisis line, mental health centre or hospital emergency, or call 911

Please read the technique descriptions for information about interventions that may be used.


I am a trauma-sensitive healer. My intention for all healing sessions is to ensure that you do not relive trauma and are therefore not retraumatized.  When a person has experienced or witnessed a life-threatening or traumatic situation, their body and brain undergo chemical and physiological changes, including storing up energy for a flight or fight response.  The soul and energy field may also be wounded and require healing. If trauma has not been healed and released then the "charge" or energy of the experience is still stored in the body and energy field, even in cases where there is no conscious memory of an event. 

My education and experience has shown me that healing can be done in a gentle and powerful way without  re-experiencing a traumatic situation.  Together, we focus on locating the stored energy in your body and energy field and use shamanic techniques to safely and gently release it.  We will also focus on healing energetic wounds to your soul, mind, and body and restore any energy you may need to come back into balance and harmony. 

As you heal, it is possible that memories may begin to surface. This is not the same as reliving the experience and is part of the healing process. You may also receive new insights about your life, behaviour, thoughts and beliefs.  It is also possible that you may go through a period of grieving as you heal the past.  Please know that I am here to assist you with this process in a gentle, loving and respectful manner. 


Working in the realm of the sacred is the core element of shamanic healing.  As a shamanic healer and counsellor, my role is to create a sacred healing space where you are safe and cared for.   I always intend for your highest healing during our sessions, and call on the support of Love in its many forms, including the Archangels, to assist us in our work together.

My role is to gently facilitate and guide your healing process and to help you activate the healer within you.  My approach is "client-centred" which means that the sessions are focussed on your healing needs. It means that I will always respect your choices and your boundaries in our sessions together.

In addition, sessions can be done with or without touch.  The choice is entirely yours and I will only touch you with your consent.


Healing is an active process, not a "quick fix", so it is very important that you be willing to participate in our sessions together.   I am here to facilitate and assist  you, but it is your body, mind and soul that will undergo the transformation.  Essentially, it is the healer within you that makes the shifts.  No one can do this for you, but you.  Therefore, your commitment to your healing is essential. 

Please remember that shamanic healing is a very powerful way to make positive change, however, you must allow yourself the time to integrate the changes.  After all, the purpose of the healing sessions is to make lasting change in as gentle a way as possible.  If you've carried something for a long time, such as a chronic emotional, spiritual or physical condition, it will likely take a series of sessions to clear that energy.  Shifts do happen in a short amount of time, however, making dramatic change is usually easier to integrate and handle in "smaller doses" over a longer period of time. 

Here is a sampling of some of the feedback I have received both verbally and in writing from my clients over the years:
"I just wanted to thank you for the appointment yesterday. I'm very pleasantly surprised at the positive difference, which is significant, and the gentleness of your healing approach...The feeling in me during the past 2+ years that something was wrong is gone, replaced by a feeling of uniformity/wholeness that I haven't experienced before...I am very pleased with your services and will definitely recommend you to others. You have a gift for healing and I imagine that many people could benefit from your talents."

"I would just like to thank you for yesterday's session...today a few light bulbs have gone off. You really do have a gift and seemed to ask just the right questions at just the right time."

"Amazing!  Since our last session, the hip pain I'd had for years is completely gone!" 

"This healing session was excellent! 

"Iris is a well informed, compassionate and joyful healer."

"I am definitely going to recommend you."

"I had no pain after my surgery, and I believe it's because of the healing you did with me."

"I can feel that something really deep and powerful has taken place."

"Thank you! I feel like myself again."

Beginning of Sessions:
For our first session I ask that you read and complete a consent form.  Then, at the beginning of each session we will engage in a brief interview and assessment in order to identify your current healing needs.  I will outline the approach/techniques and encourage you to ask any questions you may have.
Where Sessions Take Place:
The majority of our work together will be done with you lying comfortably and fully clothed on a healing table.  Or if preferred, sessions can also be done while you are seated. 
Length of Sessions:
Each session is 1 1/2 hours (90 minutes). 
Number of Sessions:
I am happy to accommodate a variety of healing needs and goals.  If you have a chronic condition, I recommend a minimum of three sessions. Most people make substantial progress toward their goals in three to 10 sessions for complex and chronic issues. However, some concerns may only require one or two sessions.  In addition, some clients choose to see me intermittently for energetic "tune ups" to stay balanced. 
Healing Interventions:
For more information about interventions that may be used, please read the technique descriptions.
After Session Care:
Please allow approximately two weeks to integrate the effects of a healing session.  Gentleness with yourself is the key to lasting progress.  You may wish to spend some quiet time in nature, or journal any new insights or changes that you may observe.  If you have any questions or concerns that arise after a session, please contact me. There is no charge for phone call support (10 minutes or less) or for occasional email support.
Healing/Counselling Services:

Single sessions are 90 minutes: $135

SAVE $10 per session

Prepaid packages of 3 sessions are $375

PayPal will soon be available.

For existing clients only: There is no charge for session follow up phone call support (10 minutes or less) or for occasional email support after sessions.
I do not offer diagnoses or cures for any health care concerns (physical, mental, emotional), however, I do offer healing sessions intended to promote a return to a sense of wholeness and balance. 
These sessions are not intended to replace visits to your licensed health care provider(s). Please read consent form for further information.
If you require immediate crisis intervention services, please contact your local crisis line, mental health centre or hospital emergency, or call 911.
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