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During sessions,  I work intuitively to sense any energy blockages and areas that require healing in your system.  I may use any one or more of the shamanic techniques described below in order to best serve you. Integrated into my work is the use of healing crystals and stones, sound and energy work.  The energy healing techniques that I use assist in the release of energetic blockages that are interfering in your system.  In addition, I frequently work with sound healing techniques and use rattles, bells, chimes and my voice to create harmonic overtones to ease the release of blocked energy. 
Tracking & Clearing Heavy Energy
Soul Retrieval
Energetic Balancing
Power Animal Retrieval
Expulsion of Intrusive Energy
Past Life Regression
Healing Wounds  


Accidents, suppressed emotions and trauma (emotional, physical and spiritual) can cause energy to accumulate and create blockages. These blockages can create pain, illness and imbalance if not released.  Because like attracts like, these energies tend to draw in more of the same, sometimes creating chronic conditions.  For instance, unexpressed grief and anger can create an energetic block that can manifest physically as illness, depression or pain. 

To remove this energy, I intuitively track and locate it in the body.  Then through shamanic processes and energy work it is released.  If there have been a series of traumas, illnesses or injuries, then the energy is best moved out through a process of several healing sessions.

Once the energy is cleared out, the client is able to return to a state of balance and harmony, which frees up energy for the immune system and other vital functions.


Day-to-day events, disagreements, stress, illness, and trauma disrupt natural harmony and balance.  Balancing techniques involve opening up energy flow on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

I gently assist clients in making energetic connections within.  Both the right and left sides, masculine and feminine aspects of the Self are balanced, so that the client feels a renewed vitality and sense of peace. I often use balancing techniques as a complement to other healing techniques. 


Sometimes, clients have tried other therapies to alleviate symptoms like chronic depression, mood swings, rage, and/or chronic physical twitches, but has received no relief.  In some cases, these symptoms are caused by an intrusive energy that is attached to the person's nervous system.  These energies usually enter the body when a person is highly vulnerable, such as during a traumatic event, and can cause a range of physical, emotional and spiritual problems as a result. 

Intrusive energies are different from "heavy energy" because they are more intense and are resistant to heavy energy clearing techniques.  However, I have found that they can be effectively released by expulsion techniques that use high frequency light that force the intrusive energies, which are of a low frequency, to leave the body. 

Once the energies have been expelled, I work with the client to clear any affinity for this type of energy so that it does not return.  As a result of this technique, clients feel "lighter" and "more peaceful" and their earlier symptoms disappear.


Injuries can occur on all levels as a result of trauma, accidents, illness or surgery. Wound healing techniques are helpful with wounds that don't seem to heal or take a long time to heal, such as emotional and spiritual injuries. 

These techniques are also very useful after a surgery because they speed healing and remove the energy of the surgical trauma. 

The focus of this technique is to energetically cleanse the wound, and then to close and heal it. When wounds are healed, vital energies are freed up, helping to bring the client back into balance and harmony. 


Severe shock and trauma, usually in childhood, can cause a person to suffer what is known as "soul loss".  This is when a part of the vital core essence of a person "leaves" the body. This essence contains power and wisdom that the client requires in order to function well in life. In actuality, we can never really be separated from our core essence, but it is possible that we create blockages to that essence when it contains the energy of pain and trauma.  Some refer to this as "disowning" a part of ourselves. When we are not fully connected to our vital essence, symptoms such as low self esteem, chronic grief, a feeling that "something is missing", or chronic depression may arise and persist.

To help clients return to wholeness, I assist them in reconnecting to the part of themselves that they have disowned. This technique is called "soul retrieval". During a soul retrieval, I shift into an altered state and psychically track blockages and clear energetic pathways to reconnect the client to their core essence.  Some refer to this as a "shamanic journey".  Once I have located the essence, I work to heal it of any trauma and then "return" it to the client by blowing it into the body (usually at the crown). 

Afterwards, I work with the client to identify and address the needs of this new-found part of themselves in order to gentle integrate it. 


Power animal retrieval is similar to soul retrieval in technique.  I shift into an altered state and psychically track and locate energy the client needs through a shamanic journey. This energy is referred to as a "power animal" because it appears in the shape of an animal.  Depending on what is occurring in the client's life, different animals can appear at different times to bring the energies the client needs at the time.

A power animal bring the gifts that the animal embodies.  For instance, bear is a strong, powerful animal and may bring the client courage and strength, whereas eagle having keen eyesight and the ability to soar at great heights, may bring the energies of vision, clarity and freedom. 

Like soul retrieval, the energy of the power animal is transferred to the client by blowing it into the client's body.  Then the client is encouraged to build a relationship with the animal in every day life, through research, drawing, and whatever method feels appropriate for the client.


When a client has an unresolved issue for which no cause can be found in this lifetime, I assist the client with past life regression therapy.  In a past life regression, I guide clients to go to a former lifetime in order to heal an issue or trauma that impacts the client in the present day. Whether or not the client actually experienced something in a past life is not the key issue. It is the power of the story that comes forward in the past life that shows the client the theme or issue that requires healing.  Then, I guide the client to heal themselves of this issue in the other lifetime. This produces healing in the client in the present day. 

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